Who all should install water conditioners?



Indovolta Water Conditioner will dissolve the high amount of harmful salt particles and this will increase the level of oxygen which will help in better and quality production of crop. Prevents damage of sprinklers caused due to hard particles of water. Reduces the diseases caused to plants because of water hardness. Prevents the harmful particles from sticking onto the soil.


Residential Society

Prevents water stains (white chalky particles) on water pipes, sinks, utensils. Improves quality of hair and skin as well, hard water (high amount of calcium and magnesium) damages your hair and skin overtime. Prevents damage of electrical equipment like geyser, cooler, washing machine etc.



Prevents damage of industrial equipment caused due to lime scale which often happens due to hard water. Changing or repairing industrial equipment are not easy and are very expensive, this can be avoided by installing Indovolta Water conditioner which will ensure a longer life span of these equipment.

Benefits of Indovolta Water Conditioner

USP of Indovolta water conditioner

No harmful chemicals

Lifespan of 22 years

Zero maintenance

No salts

Cost effective

One Time Investment

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